International Forum Engineering Decision Making

Seven previous forums have taken place.

December 2004

Place: Stoos (Switzerland)
Theme: Consequence Modelling in Engineering Decision Making

April 2006

Place: Lake Louise (Canada)
Theme: Decision Making Involving Spatially Distributed Systems

December 2007

Place: Port Stephens (Australia)
Theme: Optimal Strategies for Disaster and Hazard Mitigation

May 2009

Place: Hakone (Japan)
Theme: Long-term Policy Makings for Sustainable Society

December 2010

Place: Stoos (Switzerland)
Theme: Global Catastrophic Risk Management – New Insights and Challenges

January 2012

Place: Lake Louise (Canada)
Theme: Risk for Temporary Systems, Temporary Structures, and Short-Term

December 2013

Place: Port Stephens (Australia)
Theme: Uncertain futures under a changing climate

May 2015

Place: Hieizan Enryakuji (Japan)
Theme: Decision-Making Beyond the Engineering Community

Each forum has attracted 25-40 participants, and selected papers appearing in special issues of International Journal of Risk Assessment and Management, Civil and Environmental Engineering Systems, Australian Journal of Structural Engineering, International Journal of Engineering under Uncertainty: Hazards, Assessment and Mitigation, and Structure and Infrastructure Engineering